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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ever Lose your Keys?

I lose my keys often...getting 3 kids loaded and unloaded as well as groceries and other stuff is quite a task. I usually lose my mind too, but just maybe a wrist-let key chain will be the answer for the key part. I know I will still lose mine, but at least this might help, while looking cute on my arm. :-) I also made these for graduation gifts. They would be good teacher gifts too. I am going to add them to the shop, but I am also going to do a GIVE AWAY. I will let you know when it is posted.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dphoto Girls

I mentioned partnering previously and this is what I was talking about. Some great ladies and friends of mine agreed to do a fabulous photo shoot for Busybizzyb. There are so many wonderful pictures, but these are just a few. They also took pictures of my products so I can list them on etsy using much more eye catching photos. I hope to get those up soon. These gals are so talented and priced so must check them out here.

Jemma and Me

The boys

They did the cutest "sets" even with real cupcakes. This boy of mine could not wait to dig in, and of course just lick all the icing off. :-)

My beautiful neice, Scarlett. I think she has a career in modeling in her future. She was posing up a storm and loving it, and my goodness she looks so darn cute!

The girls- I love ALL the tea cups in the background. It was such a fun day!