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Friday, January 29, 2010

Boys Room

The boys haven't gotten too much attention on this blog lately, but there have been changes in their room too so I thought I would share. Briggs started sharing a room with Beck in November so we bought twin beds for them. We got them unfinished and had them stained. I really like them. I got bedding that I thought they could grow into...and of course allowed them to get "character" long as they don't really show. Ha! We were all happy that way.

Ben painted this stripe that I LOVE. I have been wanting stripes somewhere in the house for so long and Ben has been dreading it. I actually was getting my hair highlighted when I received his text, "stripe on wall=disaster". I was afraid, but once I got home we repaired the damage together. And just so you know, there is no such thing as tape that doesn't bleed through-even though it is advertised as such. I think the result was worth the effort.

I painted this dresser for Beck's nursery 5 years ago. I am going to leave it as long as I can. It still goes okay, I think.

I decided to make a wall to display their art so I painted some wooden stars and strung some twine. Then made them each 4 clothes pins and we get to have an art gallery now. Cheap, takes up a whole wall, and the boys love looking at their work so it is a winner!

Here is just a close up of it.

Now I am working on some canvases as well as photos I want to hang. But the canvases are not coming out like I originally wanted so I will move to plan B. They are going to be hung on the empty wall by Briggs' bed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bow Holder & Art Too

This is really so simple it doesn't need a tutorial, but here are some step by step pictures. I am sure you have seen these around.

1. I started with a blank canvas and did a light coat of paint on it.
2. I chose to cut some strips of the fabric that are in the baby's room to match what I have going on in there plus an assortment of ribbons, ric rac, you know...just stuff from your stash.
3. I decided to use the staple gun, but I am sure a glue gun would work just fine. You just pull the ribbon taut and staple it into the wooden frame.

4. VOILA. You have a place to put all those cute bows and flowers for the hair. I am planning on hanging this near the changing table we have so I can just pick the bow as I get her it looks really cute on the wall!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost in the Sea of Fabric

I have made quite a few valances in my life, but never full panel drapes. I decided I wanted to do it for the nursery to give it a more custom look. My Mom was going to help with the bumpers, but after lots of research on the web, she talked me into we decided to go with the breathable bumpers. They are really the only proven safe bumpers. They are a mesh and are okay to look at, but not as precious as the homemade ones of course. However, I will feel safe knowing she is in there and can breathe if she were to get stuck in a strange position. Anyway, all that to say I need to do everything I can to make several other CUTE focal features in the room.

I was swimming in fabric while making these. They weren't really difficult to make, but challenging just because I was lost in all that yardage. I was sewing and praying I was sewing on the right side because there was no way I was going to be ripping these long seams. I ended up pretty proud of myself. The lining on one panel was on the wrong side, but like I said I was not about to start ripping out because I would still be ripping until this baby arrives.

Oh, and my chair came last week. I love is so soft and comfy and I have a good feeling I will probably be sleeping in it some nights. Here are the boys. They love the chair too. Beck called to me the other day and said, "Mommy, come look at us." That is always kind of a scary thing to hear, but he was practicing rocking Briggs-who had just woken from his nap. Love that bed head. Sweet boys!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


A while back I met a sweet blog/etsy shop friend named Mia. She bought a onesie dress from me and I think that started it all. Remember this-that is her cutie pie. She makes the cutest hair accessories and I finally had a reason (other than my own hair) to buy some. I got the package today and she even included a few freebies. What a sweet well as a hand written note! GO check her out. Seriously, you need something darling to put in on a not-so-good-hair day. Thanks, Mia. I love it all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Easiest Project. Ever!

My sis-in-law posted about her cute boa feather wreath and I knew I wanted one for the nursery. So, I bought the styrofoam wreath form (14inches) and two pink boas. Literally in 10 minutes I was ready to hang it. And I love it!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Try

The other day I just dumped my scrap ribbon jar out and started trying to make bows. This is what I came up with. They aren't great yet, but they were so fun to make. It is so hard to imagine a little head wearing these. I am sure the hot pink one will look enormous on her at first. Fun, fun, fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new Year

It is a new year...goodness already the 5th day of it. Progress is slowly being made in the nursery-I think Ben may paint it this weekend...maybe. I still cannot believe it is going to be pink!
Progress is slowly happening in the shop too. Here are some newly listed items:

Oh and a isn't listed YET. I have a few other valentine day items I want to get done. This was kind of an accident that turned cute. Hope you like.