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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tshirt dress tutorial

If you love a t-shirt, then this is the dress for you. I buy t-shirts everytime I see them on sale at Target for less that $4 because I can never have too many T's. This red one was $3.50 and I decided to try and make it into a fun summer dress. I am lacking a few pictures, but hopefully this will make sense. I am also hoping I shrink into this one because I still have some belly baby weight to lose. It is way comfy though...

You need a t-shirt

fabric for the skirt (I used a yard with some left over, but you need to get enough to go around your widest part + about 15 extra inches)
elastic that goes around your waist nicely

and about half a yard of coordinating fabric (please ignore the zebra print above...I thought I might use it to get a little funky, but didn't)

Set your t-shirt and t-shirt scrap aside for later. Next you are going to press a 1/2 inch seam to your skirt fabric and sew the elastic under it. You pull the elastic gently while you are stitching. The elastic is mega important because it is needed to stretch the fabric or you will NOT be able to get the fabric over your head and body.
Please ignore my nasty ironing board cover...I definitely need a new one!

Now you are going to go ahead and sew your hem and the side seams.

And you are ready to stitch the skirt part to the t-shirt. Make sure that you have the skirt part going up the t-shirt with the right sides togethermatching the side seams as well. This is hard to describe, but the neckline of the shirt should be somewhat near the hem...make sense?? I baste first and tried it on to make sure it was where I want it on my waist and then it is sewn on straight. Then I went back and stitched over it. I have been known to use my seam ripper too much so better to be safe than sorry .
If you want a high waisted dress than you can skip the sash. I cut 2 peices that were 6 inches X 44 inches. I sewed them together to make 6x88 inches then folded in half, pressed and stitched right sides together. Then turn it out.
I sewed the ends up the lazy way and stitched them closed and cut them with the pinking shears.

There are lots of good tutorials for fabric flowers out there. I kind of did a wonky job on mine, but if you are interested let me know and maybe I can try it again taking pics along the way. :-)
Ask if you have any questions...I am still a beginner at tutorial writing, but I hope you will enjoy this comfy ensemble.


  1. darling!!! way go to girlie :) of course, you know me...i will still have a bazillion questions if i end up making one for myself. ha!

  2. This is so cute! I'm amazed at your talent!
    Big Fat Mama