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Monday, September 21, 2009

Safari Can

A lot of times animal print can end up looking feminine but I this turned out good and masculine. A good friend has a darling safari room and I hope this will be a good addition.

The ribbon can be taken off as he gets older. :-) But I couldn't resist adding it.

On a separate note this first trimester has totally zapped all the creativity and energy right out of my body. Do I have any readers left? Well, I am in week 10 and today was the first day I survived without a nap so I hope I will be returning to normal soon. Please check back every now and then...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Latest Project

Briggs is starting MDO tomorrow and Beck started pre-K yesterday. A home project was to create a Briggs head to toe for his first day. He helped me tape, of course. :-) And Beck is starting to have homework. He had to find some things around the house that start with "A". After one apple thing it was kind of a challenge. I am hoping my mom was able to get an acorn off her Oak tree. So, these are the projects that have kept us busy this week. I kind of feel like I am in a crafting slump...just not in the mood to actually create new things. I have enjoyed this rainy morning and just staying at home! Feels so good to hear the boys play in the other room while I catch up on much neglected chores. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall, I love you…I want you!

Well, we only have a high of 93 here today so it is almost like fall already, right? Ha!  My son has been begging for his Halloween costume every since the first costume catalog came our way 2 months ago. (How do they find us?) So I splurged yesterday and bought him what he really wanted.  He hasn’t taken it off since, well to take a bath and sleep.  But really after his bath he put it back on until PJs were necessary!  He is so happy!buzz beck 2009 003

So now that we are getting all ready for fall, how early is too early for Halloween decorations?  I am ready to pull that box out.  In fact, I made one for the shop…a banner.  I made one for myself last year and really liked it.  Here is the newest addition to the shop: halloween banner collage

and I am working on some more tutus and onesies…even a boys onesie.   Dreaming of pumpkins, sweater weather, and cinnamon lattes today!