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Friday, January 7, 2011

Silk Flower T-shirt (tutorial)

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Who doesn't love a big flower? I do! And with spring around the corner I thought I would play around with a t-shirt for my girl. A silk flower is fabric, so why not sew it on a shirt, dress, scarf, whatever. I know you could easily make it into a removable pin, but not where a little one is concerned. I think it should wash just fine in the gentle cycle, but do not dry it! Hang to dry. Here is a tutorial if you wish to make one.

Feel free to ask any questions, because I am not very thorough at times.

and stitch the ribbon to the shirt...I forgot to say that. See not thorough. This is a project that you could actually do by hand if you do feel confident or don't have a sewing machine.

This stitch can be messy. Mine is because it will be covered by the bling you use.

That is it! Easy and boutique cuteness. After putting it on my daughter (she is almost 9 months) she tried to devour it! She can't get it off because it is sewn on, but she might be able to pull petals off or the rhinestone so I won't be leaving her in her crib in this. Hind sight says maybe make it for girls age 2 +. Or for yourself. :-)


  1. love it, and LOVE the model ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, Jaime.. has it been 9 months!!?!?! She is just TOO cute for words! I bet you are loving keeping her all dolled up in sparkles!!