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Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to the shop Blog

I decided that I needed to create a etsy shop blog. I work better with compartmentalizing my life. I am not very good at self-promoting my stuff, however I want my etsy shop to succeed. Also, I didn't want to bore the relatives with all my crafts when they really just probably want to see the kids. But I know there are so many crafty blogs out there that I wanted in on the action. You can decide which blog you want to read...or both! I am going to highlight my "projects" on this blog. Some will be posted in my shop and some won't because they will be for me or a gift, or perhaps garage sale material. You never know how things will turn out sometimes. My goal in black and white- spotlight at least two crafts a week. Hope you will come and check them out.

For my first post: I made another memory can for a friend's baby. Her room colors were black, white, and pink. I really like the way it came out. Just love girlie things!!

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  1. this is great girl...i will be checking back!!