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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fancy-ing the Fridge

So last year when we moved in I sat some bigger items...several trays, a large wooden cutting board on top of my refrigerator and thought I would find a home for them soon. Well, a year and a month went by and since I was having a big shower last week, I thought I better make my kitchen look a little bit better. I mean it isn't often you get 60 women into your better look as good as possible. So, off to Kirkland and Homegoods I went. I don't have a before picture. Believe me, it was just some stuff stacked up there. But here is what it looks like now...

...much better and homey. I mean it really made a big difference. The little houndstooth box was on sale for 4.99!! I already had the pewter dish, but I love the easel I found for it.

And I have a problem area by the phone because the phone jack and the outlet are like 12 inches apart and the cords have always bothered me. However, I didn't want to clutter up the counter too much. Here is what I chose.
I don't know how everyone feels about fake greenery. I know many people turn their noses up. I like it personally as long as it looks as real as possible and as long as it is one that won't need dusting. Doesn't this little plant look real? The plate matched my kitchen so well and again under $5.
You can still see the phone jack, but it looks better. Just thought I would share. I love home accessories. :-)


  1. I don't mind fake greenery as longs as it looks real. I can't stand looking at the phones jacks either, why do they put them on the wall in the kitchen?? Do they even make wall mount phones anymore? At least you can hide yours! Everything looks great, I need to take some initiative from you!

  2. i'm not a fan of the greenery, but in your case, i didn't even know that one was fake. i would buy that for my house...and the next time i'm at home goods, i just might!! my phone area bugs me too, but i put the paper towel holder in front of it, hopefully doing the trick for now.

  3. hi there, stalking you from TCB. I have that same exact phone jack problem, and am now totally inspired, i see a shopping trip in my future!

  4. Thanks for the ideas! I agree about the phone jacks. I have so many outlets in my kitchen and also at my kitchen desk. Kirklands and Homegoods are some of my favorite stores too!