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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had to look up the term "upcycle" because I wasn't sure how it was different from recycling, but now I know it is taking something that would be trash and turning it into something more valuable. So for Valentine's Day I took some of my favorite cold coffee jars and made them into teacher's gifts. I just decorated them with scrapbook papers and ribbons and put chocolate inside...the key to any woman's heart. Super cheap and easy. Last year I used the same jars and made little "flower" bouquets out of paper. Both inexpensive ideas that I thought I would pass along. I really like "frap" jars because they are a cute shape, but have a wide enough mouth to add things easily.


  1. Love it! ANd then I can drink more COFFEE!!! Yipee! Thanks Jamie!

  2. very cute...but i thought you made cookies?

  3. Thanks for sharing the Valentine day gift ideas. It looks wonderful. Enjoyed going through it. Keep up the good work.