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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Initial Shirts

initial shirt

I have got some new stuff cookin’ for the shop.  Here is one of the things you can order, if you are interested, initial shirts.  Beck had the capital B and Briggs had the lower case B, but he wasn’t cooperating at photo time.  Numbers are also available.  I will be adding them soon.


  1. What a handsome "B" !!! Love the capital B and lowercase B idea!

  2. So cute! Btw, my friend totally adored the dress I ordered from you to give as a baby shower gift for the shower I threw for her. I blogged about you and gave your link - I know some people at that shower talked about ordering them, so hopefully I sent you some business! :) (Here is the link to the post if you're interested: Thanks again!

  3. So cute!!! I cant wait till my friends kids are old enough to wear these!!! Everyone loves the tie onesies you made!!! :)