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Monday, August 17, 2009

Oops section & Something New

So I make mistakes quite often when I am creating.  Shocking, I know.  I have decided to open an “oops” section of the store.  These items are items I would still put my own kids in, but just may not be exactly as I was hoping.  I will offer a discount on them and I hope we will all benefit.  I will live and learn, and your kids will get inexpensive handmade, cute things to wear!  Here are a couple of items heading that way when I get some uninterrupted computer time (which will be who-knows-when because my husband has something after work tonight-and it has already been a long day):002I love this one…the colors, the fabric, but there is a tiny gap between the two pieces of tie.  I don’t really know what happened except I was working on it late at night.


This one has some wonky stitches. I know some people like that, but it wasn’t what was in my mind so it is an oops. Still a very cute, play outfit.

And on to my NEW experience.  I made a nap mat cover.  A friend from college asked if I had ever done one and I said, “No, but I probably could.”  So with lots of correspondence she picked this darling Michael Miller camo print and the project began.  The most difficult thing was she lives in a different state and I was going off of measurements of the mat she already had.  It was like honors geometry class all over again. I got it in the mail this morning, and my fingers are crossed it will fit.  I am so nervous.


I do love the appliquéd pillow.  Do you think I should add those to my shop? 




  1. You should FOR SURE add those nap mat covers to your shop!!! SO CUTE!!! I also love your opps section idea!! :)

    All of your fun stuff makes me wish I could sew!! :)

  2. i would add the's precious! and what a good idea about your "oops" probably looks like the stuff i make and put on my kids as "good stuff"-ha!