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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Decoupage with Fabric

My awesomely crafty sis-in-law made this adorable jewelry box for Jemma's room. She used some of the left over fabric, and to top it off she and my mom and my sister put an engraved bracelet in it for her. I love it!
And it inspired me because a friend of mine asked me to make some letters for her son's nautical room. I hadn't really thought about using fabric until Maegan made the box. Then I was like "duh" because I was unable to find any cute "nautical" scrapbooking papers, but I did find some cute fabric...and I LOVE fabric.

So here are Bretton's letters (cute name, huh?). They turned out a bit rough around the edges, but I think on the wall they are really going to pop.

The best part about using fabric is that you can sew stuff with the leftovers, so he is getting a little tag lovey too. I hope they like it. It feels good to be back in the craft room. My son saw me sewing and said, "Mommy, you haven't sewed in forever." Having a third kid has been a hard adjustment. I can't even find time to go to the bathroom let alone craft. Slow progress, but I am going to get back to it all someday hopefully soon. I have a tutorial for another dress in the works. I am aiming high.


  1. Love it -- and I'm sure Myra will love it too! I honestly don't know how you're doing it with 3 little ones at home, Jaime. I can't find to go to the bathroom with just one!

  2. I do love it! Thanks so much Jaime! You're so talented!