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Friday, May 1, 2009

Bon Voyage

So, we are headed out early in the morning for our long anticipated cruise. And darn that swine flu that has put everyone in a tizzy. I has taken us 10 years to plan a vacation with just the two of us. Why does the swine flu have to hit the week before we leave? Just our luck, I suppose. We did get re-routed to Jamaica though. Anywho...I have tons to do around here yet I am already in vacay mode. My MIL will arrive this afternoon to a less than spotless house, but the boys will be excited to see her. My shop is in vacation mode too. I assure you I will come back in a week with my little brain filled of things to make and create, and tons of pics to share. Have a fantastic week...and remember to sanitize everything!

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  1. I'm SO envious!! You guys have a fun and relaxing time and maybe, just maybe, I will have something that has a buy button on it ;-). I did put it in the newsletter this month for MOPS under businesses - that's a start, right?