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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Good Holiday Morning...

My husband took us to Starbucks for my favorite cup of morning goodness yesterday and then so sweetly offered to let me roam around my favorite craft store that was right next door on HIS holiday from work. (What a guy!!!) I was shocked as he really dreads this place since it is like a black hole for me...I go missing for hours in there. But he assured me it would be fine and he would occupy the kids for a while. I couldn't pass up the offer. So, this is what they did most of the time there.

Who knew the mirror aisle could be such fun? I could hear their giggles through out most of the store. It was a fun time for all! Thank goodness for his phone or else I would have no evidence of all the things my crazy guys do...Daddy included.

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  1. that's funny because on the same day we were at the same craft store with scarlett doing the same thing in the mirror...only she was doing it alone and there are no pictures to prove it. :)