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Thursday, May 14, 2009

one thing after another...

It always seems when you are on a mission to get a zillion things accomplished, a million things go wrong! Why is that the way??? I had some major computer issues today which I HATE. Then we have been having some major gnat infectation issues with the front porch area. Come to find out they seemed to like that cute fiesta wreath that I made (and yes, it was still up). It only took $79 for them to get sprayed and my wreath to never be the same again. In the mean time we have about 45 gnats living with us. All of that to say I started today with the simple goal of finishing all those graduation frames. Even with my blood pressure rising they are DONE. (Well, the wrapping and labeling are still on the list for tonight, but I plan on sitting and watching the Grey's finale if possible).

I really liked the way they came out. I cheated a little and pulled the black and white one off my etsy site because somehow my list grew by 2 more girls from Monday. I will replace it though with another polka dot frame when I get a minute. I already have the perfect paper and ribbon for it.

Whew, what do you think? I hope the girls will like them. I am worried I am out of touch with what 18 year old girls like.

Oh, and I did decide to just get the boys itunes cards. :-)


  1. I think they look great and they will LOVE them. Good job!

  2. So cute! They'll love them!

    Totally off topic but seeing the names of those girls makes me a bit sad. I can't believe they are old enough to graduate!

  3. You are not out of touch, those are precious and they will love them! So so cute!

  4. Those are awesome! You did a great job.

  5. Jaime, the girls will absolutely love these! You are so creative!--Kristie Speer

  6. they are very cute. i think the girls will love the bright colors and great designs