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Monday, September 21, 2009

Safari Can

A lot of times animal print can end up looking feminine but I this turned out good and masculine. A good friend has a darling safari room and I hope this will be a good addition.

The ribbon can be taken off as he gets older. :-) But I couldn't resist adding it.

On a separate note this first trimester has totally zapped all the creativity and energy right out of my body. Do I have any readers left? Well, I am in week 10 and today was the first day I survived without a nap so I hope I will be returning to normal soon. Please check back every now and then...


  1. So cute! And there is nothing wrong with naps. I took one yesterday and hope to take another today...

  2. I am still reading! I think that can is adorable...your second trimester should be better and kick that creativity right back in where it needs to be! If not ill try to come up with some stuff! haha Hope your feeling well!

  3. Thats cute!

    Glad you seem to be feeling better!

  4. Still reading! Congrats on the pregnancy and almost being through the first trimester! I remember those sleepy days! :)

  5. Super cute!! And CONGRATS on the pregnancy...did I miss this announcement?! How exciting!! :) At least you're almost out of the first trimester...hopefully that will make a difference. :)