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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall, I love you…I want you!

Well, we only have a high of 93 here today so it is almost like fall already, right? Ha!  My son has been begging for his Halloween costume every since the first costume catalog came our way 2 months ago. (How do they find us?) So I splurged yesterday and bought him what he really wanted.  He hasn’t taken it off since, well to take a bath and sleep.  But really after his bath he put it back on until PJs were necessary!  He is so happy!buzz beck 2009 003

So now that we are getting all ready for fall, how early is too early for Halloween decorations?  I am ready to pull that box out.  In fact, I made one for the shop…a banner.  I made one for myself last year and really liked it.  Here is the newest addition to the shop: halloween banner collage

and I am working on some more tutus and onesies…even a boys onesie.   Dreaming of pumpkins, sweater weather, and cinnamon lattes today!



  1. how cute! I have been so ready for summer to be over, I already decorated for Halloween a few weeks ago! Scarey, right?! I love your banner!

  2. Buzz looks so proud of his costume! I'm so with you on the anti-summer thing! Even in 110 degree weather, I convinced myself to buy a HOT pumpkin latte today. I sipped it in the A/C and pretended like it was November!

  3. Cute little costume. My kiddos change their mind too much for me to get ready!

  4. THAT is the cutest costume! oh to have a boy!

    look at his smile... he SO loves it!

    i too m thrilled that FALL is at our heals! the crisp air is SO close! :)