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Friday, January 29, 2010

Boys Room

The boys haven't gotten too much attention on this blog lately, but there have been changes in their room too so I thought I would share. Briggs started sharing a room with Beck in November so we bought twin beds for them. We got them unfinished and had them stained. I really like them. I got bedding that I thought they could grow into...and of course allowed them to get "character" long as they don't really show. Ha! We were all happy that way.

Ben painted this stripe that I LOVE. I have been wanting stripes somewhere in the house for so long and Ben has been dreading it. I actually was getting my hair highlighted when I received his text, "stripe on wall=disaster". I was afraid, but once I got home we repaired the damage together. And just so you know, there is no such thing as tape that doesn't bleed through-even though it is advertised as such. I think the result was worth the effort.

I painted this dresser for Beck's nursery 5 years ago. I am going to leave it as long as I can. It still goes okay, I think.

I decided to make a wall to display their art so I painted some wooden stars and strung some twine. Then made them each 4 clothes pins and we get to have an art gallery now. Cheap, takes up a whole wall, and the boys love looking at their work so it is a winner!

Here is just a close up of it.

Now I am working on some canvases as well as photos I want to hang. But the canvases are not coming out like I originally wanted so I will move to plan B. They are going to be hung on the empty wall by Briggs' bed.


  1. I love their room!!! That dresser is AWESOME!!! :)

  2. it looks great! Love the twine hanging... I've been wanting to do that too!

  3. I really really love that stripe - did you use the frog tape? I haven't tried it, but have heard so much about it!