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Thursday, January 14, 2010


A while back I met a sweet blog/etsy shop friend named Mia. She bought a onesie dress from me and I think that started it all. Remember this-that is her cutie pie. She makes the cutest hair accessories and I finally had a reason (other than my own hair) to buy some. I got the package today and she even included a few freebies. What a sweet well as a hand written note! GO check her out. Seriously, you need something darling to put in on a not-so-good-hair day. Thanks, Mia. I love it all!


  1. Thank you, Jaime! I'm so glad you loved all of your pretties!

  2. So I immediately went to the Etsy site last week and bought a few things. Mark is going to die with all this girl stuff -- but I'm in hog heaven! Thanks for the tip...