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Monday, November 16, 2009

Better Than They Look

Bakerella, I am not. I wish I could just be a little like her. My stuff usually comes out edible, but not pretty at all. Plus it stresses me out to bake because of my history with it. Seriously my two layer cakes always end up with a huge crack down the middle and they slide more each day they don't get eaten. I have pretty much given those up.
My son is turning 5 tomorrow...five! OH my {sniff, sniff}. Anyway, we have to bring snack to his school for his celebration and cookies are so much neater than cupcakes. I saw on Noggin one time this lady was making Dora cupcakes and she made her hair by piping icing onto wax paper and then removing it and placing it on the cupcake icing. I thought I would try it for the batman symbol and put it on sugar cookies. Here is what they look like:

Honestly, pretty sad and I am not ashamed to admit it- the circles aren't even good. I tried and he likes them so it was very worth it. They are tasty though. I don't think kids will be very hard critics...thank goodness.


  1. I think they look great Jaime! And yummy too!

  2. I'm impressed! I couldn't have even done that... I buy store-bought cookies.

  3. they look great. i'm SURE the kids will think they are awesome :)

  4. Well, I've never seen any cake wrecks on your part. You're too hard on yourself. These are great! KaPow!!!

  5. I can't think of a kid who wouldn't LOVE those!