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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flowers like Snowflakes

I am a bit late in posting. This is what I ended up making for the teachers at Thanksgiving. I don't really think the pictures do them justice...perhaps it was the photographer. Again, you could make these for any holiday. I made pins because I was picturing them on a jean jacket, but you could do hair clips or an alligator pin that could attach to a pillow, belt, anything really. My favorite thing about these is they all turn out unique like a snowflake. Mine are similar, but not exact and that makes them really fun to create. There are tutorials all over the web for these so you could make them too. Hope everyone has recovered from all that yummy food. My decorations are officially up...let Christmas begin.


  1. Jaime, I love these!! I bet the teachers just loved them!

  2. Those are really cute!! I so need to learn how to sew or something. What machine did you say you use?

  3. Very cute! Love that fabric line! I made a bag out of it...I'm a sucker for owl fabric! :)