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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Batman Party

My oldest baby turned 5 right before Thanksgiving. He wanted a batman party and a bouncy house, so that is what he got. They had a ball jumping all day!! Look at those happy faces.
I went the easy route and bought cupcakes. I didn't really want to add that to my list of things to do and you know how I am not really a good baker.

Here is the sweet birthday boy. I did make a batman "5" shirt. I love that Beck appreciates homemade things. He told one of his friends at the party, "My mom made this shirt with fabric!"
I just made kind of plain printed invitations so I decided to cut and make superhero masks out of a poster board I already had and include those with the invites.
Instead of spending a bunch of money on trinkety favors I decided to spend a lot of time to make capes for the kids. Don't get me wrong, they were very hems anywhere, but still 14 of anything takes a while to make. I think they turned out cute enough and hopefully the kids that came will be playing with them for months to come.
I have several Christmas crafts to share, but the problem is they are all gifts and I am afraid the people I am giving them to might just read this. So, I will post them as I give them. You will have to stay tuned.
In case you do not read my family blog, I have some exciting news...I am having a GIRL this time. So, as soon as the Holiday rush is over I plan on making so many bows, pink, and ruffly things...I just can't wait!!! :-)

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  1. it was a great party and clark loves his cape :)