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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ladies Craft Exchange

Last night was a fun tradition we have at church. Our ladies ministry hosts an annual craft exchange where you are supposed to bring a "homemade" gift to exchange in a "white elephant" sort of way. It is always a lot of fun and you get to see people's true colors shine through. Ha! You know you brought something good if people fight over it. My Mom and sister brought darling things...they both got fought over. I wish I had taken pictures of their gifts. Mom did a darling rag wreath and Jill did a ribbon topiary. My gift was cuter in my mind. It turned out a bit too Dr.Suessish...maybe I should have not used such big polka dots. It didn't get fought over...maybe next year!

Here it is:
I ended up with some really cute dish towels though:


  1. i'm telling you...i thought it was darling-sometimes colors just don't work in people's houses-and i think this is the only year in the history of me going to that party that my gift was fought over...i guess 12th time's a charm. ha!

  2. I would have fought over it!! Sooo cute!! Sorry I couldn't make it- next year will be so much better.

  3. Oh I think it's a really cute pillow! The dish towels you got were a good score too!

  4. what?? i would have fought over that pillow! so cute!

  5. i think it's very cute! I still have the 'toastier' coaster from a few years back.