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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tour

I wanted to join the Nester's tour this year...only about a week late so I could be the bazillionth link. Welcome to our home...I wish we could keep Christmas stuff up all year. It is going to look so bare when it all comes down.
First up: Our White tree. My sis-in-law married my brother at Christmas time and she decorated with tons of these trees and just gave them away at the end. Lucky me. I call it our "fancy" tree.

Here is our family room tree. This tree has many homemade ornaments and the kids help me decorate this one. They love touching all the ornaments on the bottom half.
Of course our home wouldn't be complete without the gingerbread house we make every year. Beck spent a lot of time making this look good, and a lot of powdered sugar was eaten while working. Briggs just licked the icing.
All of our Santa pictures (I still need to add this year's) along with some rag garland.
The stockings that are hung with care...
This is what it looks like right when you enter my front door...Beck got his bed head in this one. :-)
Our display of cards. I just hang them on a long ribbon with clothes pins that have scrapbook paper trees. I just love all the photos we receive.
And lastly, our dining room table-you know the one that just looks pretty and doesn't get used daily.
Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What a Beautiful home! I think your white tree IS a showstopper, but your family tree is very pretty also. I love the topper (is that an angel? Precious!)Really cute blog. Happy Holidays!

  2. jaime i love your fancy tree!! i love white trees but i'm like you... i want a homemade tree one day! good idea having 2 :)

  3. It is fun to see it in pictures, even though I've seen it for real. Beautiful!!!

  4. i wanted to do the tour this year, but never got around to it...maybe next year :)
    i love the idea for your cards this year, and my favorite picture is the one from the entry way-so pretty!!

  5. I'm having a terrific time visiting everyone's home.
    All the decorations are just beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

  6. I like your fancy tree (AND your family room tree). Thanks for sharing your home with us. It's my first visit to your cute blog and it looks like you have some great things in your etsy shop too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

  7. Gorgeous, Jaime! OK, we don't see fireplaces like that often in AZ, I NEED one!! LOVE the way you decorated it with the Damask B, my favorite print!